Punters Paymaster

Punters Paymaster

- Enhance Your Betting Experience -

"Dutching" with a difference.

The Professionals have known about this method of gambling for decades BUT have
lacked the power that is available today.

You can now do it Quicker & Easier with more options too!!.

What does it do?

Punters Paymaster is a multibetting calculator. (popularly known as 'Dutching').

It calculates the stakes required to meet certain criteria when betting on more than one contestant in an event.

However, unlike most 'Dutching' calculators Punters Paymaster allows a different Profit Target to be set against each contestant and the testing of different betting structures.

How can it benefit me?

Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran of gambling, Punters Paymaster will enlighten you to a form of betting that will prove more profitable over the long term by MAXIMISING your chances whilst MINIMISING your risks, to generate regular sustainable profits.


People new to betting and veterans alike are beginning to realise the benefits behind multibetting, a system of gambling, which has been the favourite of professional gamblers for decades

"Dutching" as it is often called is a method where a number of contestants are backed in the same event, and if one Racingof those contestants wins, a profit will be made. From now on let's talk about horse racing even though Punters Paymaster may be used on almost any type of event.

Punters Paymaster goes beyond the basic principles of Dutching. Unlike the old professionals who looked for the same profit from any of their backed horses, Punter's Paymaster will give you a lot more power.

You will have the power to structure your bets by asking for the profit you want from "each" horse should it win.

To pick a single winner in a race is very hard and to pick them consistently is even harder. The purpose of RacingPunters Paymaster is to catch the most likely winners in a net and structure them into a more profitable bet.
Punters Paymaster is a powerful Dutch Betting tool that simplifies the whole process by performing all the necessary calculations in an instant to provide you with the required stakes to apply to each selection in order to make a predetermined and calculated profit on any bet where you consider more than 1 competitor has a good chance of winning. Regardless of which of your selection wins, you cannot lose..

Example: I have taken 4 horses from a 13 horse race which stand out as having an excellent chance of winning.
If I want to make £50 from any of these horses, should any one of them go on to win, would require a Total Stake of £138.37
Calculation 1

This may be acceptable to you, or you may find the Total Stake, in relation to the possible winnings, a little on the high side.

So, what can be done to reduce the Total Stake, but still maintain cover on my chosen horses?

Let's reduce the Profit Target on 2 of the selections down to zero.
This reduces the Total Stake to £52.04 and should either of my profit earning selections win the race then a profit is made.
However, should either of my other selections win, a break-even situation is achieved.
Calculation 2

What else can be done to reduce Total Stake - at the expense of less cover I can reduce the number of backed horses.

Calculation 3

The Total Stake has now been reduced to £35.38 with the satisfaction of knowing that I cannot lose if any of my final selections win the race.

Various scenarios can be calculated very quickly, a facility the old-timers never had.


Elusive Dream won the race - Favourites don't always win but it's nice to have them covered.


As you can see, this powerful program will allow you to enter the desired profit you want from your selected favourite and a lower profit against the "danger" horses. You may wish to bring the Total Stake down to the lowest possible level by entering a NIL profit against the "danger" horses and if your favourite loses to one of them, at least you will get your Total Stake money returned.

The combinations are endless - just play around with the settings until a favourable "structured bet" is achieved.

Punters Paymaster will put you in control of each of your multibetting adventures, allowing you to reap the benefits of this method of gambling with astonishing results. Professional gamblers have known for decades that this form of gambling is the most profitable but up until now they have lacked the technology to provide the versatility required to take full advantage.

Multibets will provide you with a "sound" technique. It is a mathematically logical way of gambling - try it!
Don't be Bookiea mug punter, be a disciplined multibet punter and reap your rewards. Don't lose sight of the fact that your Bookmaker is gambling too. He uses betting odds to generate his profit.

This is where Punters Paymaster comes into its own, allowing you to use betting odds to YOUR ADVANTAGE, to get the results YOU want by betting more like a Bookmaker.


WinnerHow often have you backed what is considered the favourite to win, only to have it pipped at the post by another horse you nearly backed?

Punters Paymaster will allow you to to structure your bets with the possibility of backing up to ten horses in a single race.
There is no better feeling, when watching a race, seeing two, three or more horses racing to the finishing post, and you don't really care which one of them wins , because you have them ALL covered.
Such is the power of Punters Paymaster to make your betting that much more profitable.

Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran of gambling, Punters Paymaster will enlighten you to a form of betting that will prove more profitable over the long term by MAXIMISING your chances whilst MINIMISING your risks, to generate regular sustainable profits.




  • Back up to 10 selections in a single event. Regardless of which one wins you receive the profit you want. This is ideal for traders who use Betfair, where the overrounds are small compared with traditional bookies, enabling more horses or outcomes to be backed by the astute punter willing to considerably put the odds in his or her favour.
  • Profit Target For Each Selection - Punter's Paymaster will allow you to increase the profit returned for your most fancied competitors, while being flexible enough to apply smaller profits to possible threats or dangers you have identified. That way, if your main selection loses, beaten by a short-head perhaps by one of the dangers you identified, then you still collect and all is not lost.
  • Total Outlay Bets - If you are looking to spread a fixed stake across multiple selections, then Punter's Paymaster does this in an instant. Simply enter the total amount of the bet, add your selections, and all the calculations are performed automatically for you.
  • Switch Between Profit Target Bets and Total Stake Bets Effortlessly - Want to discover how each type of staking impacts on your profits? At the click of a button you can switch between the two to determine the most profitable ways to apply your stake without having to re-enter any of your data.
  • % Book Display - Know in a flash what the percentages are for every runner in a race, or every outcome in a sporting event. If you are arbitrage betting then this function will provide you with vital data quickly and become instrumental to locking in profits regardless of the outcome.
  • Fraction or Decimal Odds - Enter odds fractional or decimal.
  • Cater for Betting Exchange Commission.
  • Save and Retrieve Your Data - Save your betting information and retrieve it quickly. Ideal for any preparation work.
  • Print Out Your Bets - Print out each of your bets for future reference and for better record keeping.


Stop Losing and Start Winning
Punters Paymaster is the solution to the age-old question: How do I win at the horses! By combining the most powerful of betting techniques, placing the odds firmly in your favour, Punters Paymaster will transform the way you make money. And with the advent of betting exchanges such as Betfair.com, there has never been a better time to cash in on the betting boom.


Start Winning Now!
See for yourself just how very easy this software is to use, and how the applied concept of Dutch Betting can transform the way you bet by providing more winners and better profits in the long-term.

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XP (SP3)