Race Cards Forecaster V2

Race Cards Forecaster V2

Automated Horse Racing Forecasting Software.

Plus in-built versatile 'Dutching' calculator.

NO Monthly/Annual subscriptions to pay - For a one-off payment Race Cards Forecaster V2 forecasting software will be yours to keep and use whenever you wish.

One Activation Allowed per Purchase.

What Does It Do?

Race Cards Forecaster V2 is powerful software which will initially prepare a Summary Forecast showing the top 3 rated horses for all suitable races for your selected UK Mainland and Irish meetings.

Select ALL race courses or just those you are interested in and have every race forecast for you in a mouse-click.

A follow-up to this initial summary forecast is the opportunity to prepare a Full Forecast for a single selected race.

A versatile Multibet ('Dutching') Calculator is also included to help those who like to bet on more than one horse in a race.

How Can It Benefit Me?

No more pawing over race cards.

No more worn-down pencils and scattered pieces of scrap paper; just click and prepare the forecasts for the meeting(s) of your choice.

NO subscriptions to pay. For a one-off payment the software is yours to keep and can be used whenever you want.

By the time it takes to read this page our software is capable of working through a whole day's racing cards for UK Mainland and Ireland and extracting and forecasting suitable races for our system algorithms.

The Problem

You have pages and pages of race cards to wade through and your calculator is clicking away as you evaluate upcoming races.

The rush is on to forecast possible winners for your bets. Inside you start to panic a little because you are running out of time before the races start.

Does This Scene Feel Familiar?

The Solution

You can free yourself from this drudgery and anxiety. Race Cards Forecaster V2 is powerful software which will rapidly evaluate suitable races at every meeting in UK Mainland and Ireland.


Professional gambling is a business and you must keep records and analyse them progressively like any other business if you are going to achieve long-term success. Race Cards Forecaster V2 provides 'save' functions in its various areas so that you can keep records for each day's forecasting.

We favour multibetting, or 'Dutching' as it is often known; it is very rare we bet on a single horse. We have therefore included with our software a variable profit multibetting tool for those who like this method of placing bets. Most 'Dutching' calculators only provide basic functionality allowing 'same' profit for each horse but with the variable profit functionality provided by Race Cards Forecaster V2 you will have more control over total stakes.

f you want real winning potential without having to plough through loads of race cards then Race Cards Forecaster V2 is here for you.

For a one time payment, Race Cards Forecaster V2 will get you up and running fast.

No more worn-down pencils and scattered pieces of scrap paper; just click and prepare the forecasts for the meeting(s) of your choice.

Race Cards Forecaster V2 gives you total control.


Imagine how you'll feel when you can pull multiple race forecasts in a FRACTION of the time that you used to spend. You'll be grinning from ear-to-ear when you realize how fast you can get back to the other things you love in life—time with family, hobbies, or your own sporting interests. Don't be constrained by time....liberate yourself today.

Gain control and reap the rewards.


Immediate Download
PC Compatible
Minimum Operating System Required:
Windows 7 (sp1)
Broadband Connection

One Activation Allowed per Purchase.
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