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Dutch Your Bets

Dutching' with Flexible Profit Targets

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What Does It Do?

Dutch Your Bets is a multibetting calculator. (popularly known as 'Dutching').

It calculates the stakes required to meet profit target criteria when betting on more than one contestant in an event.

However, unlike most 'Dutching' calculators Dutch Your Bets allows a different Profit Target to be set against each contestant and the testing of different betting structures.

How Can It Benefit Me?

Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran of gambling, Dutch Your Bets will enlighten you to a form of betting that will prove more profitable over the long term by MAXIMISING your chances whilst MINIMISING your risks, to generate regular sustainable profits.

It is thought the strategy behind Dutching was originally conceived and employed by a gangster, during the 1920's and 1930's, named Arthur Flegenheimer, also known as 'Dutch Schultz', alongside various rackets he had running at the racetrack. The system has since taken his name.

But what is 'Dutching'?

The conventional meaning of 'Dutching' is sharing the risk of losing across a number or runners, or contestants, by backing more than one selection in a race or event. The process calculates the correct stake to place on each selection so that the return is the same if any of them wins.

Dutch Your Bets allows you to breakaway from the rigidity of this conventional concept.

Unlike the old professionals who looked for the same profit from any of their backed horses, Dutch Your Bets will give you a lot more power.

You will have the power to structure your bets by asking for the profit you want from "each" horse, or contestant.

To pick a single winner in a race is very hard and to pick them consistently is even harder.


The purpose of RacingDutch Your Bets is to catch the most likely winners in a net and backing them all in a structured way.

Dutch Your Bets is a powerful Dutch Betting tool that simplifies the whole process by performing all the necessary calculations in an instant to provide you with the required stakes to apply to each selection in order to make a predetermined and calculated profit on any bet where you consider more than one competitor has a good chance of winning. Regardless of which of your selection wins, you cannot lose..


In addition to backing contestants in one event our calculator caters for backing over multiple events. Spread your bets over different events and you have the possibility of reaping rewards from a number of them. Again, this breaks away from the conventional meaning of 'Dutching' but when punting we need all the flexibility available.

Dutch Your Bets is easy to use. After entering the contestants you may be interested in backing, together with appropriate odds, you can experiment with various structures before placing your bets.

Let's take a look at a simple example:

Goodwood 30th July 2015 2:05

Five horses have been taken from field for betting consideration. £50 Profit Target has been set for every horse i.e. if any of these horses win a Profit of £50 will be made. Total Stake required £61.14

example 1

A Total Stake of £61.14 may be acceptable to you, or you may find the Total Stake, in relation to the possible winnings, a little on the high side.

So, what can be done to reduce the Total Stake, but still maintain cover on selected horses?

Let's reduce the Profit Target on two of the selections down to zero. This reduces the Total Stake to £38.90 leaving 3 horses to provide a Profit of £50 should any of them win. However, should either of my other two selections win, an overall break-even situation is achieved

example 2

What else can be done to reduce Total Stake - at the expense of less cover the number of selected horses can be reduced.

If Rotherwick is taken out of the calculation Total Stake is reduced to £31.84

example 3


Gibeon won the race with the favourite, Keble, coming in 2nd - Favourites don't always win but it's nice to have them covered.

People new to betting and veterans alike are beginning to realise the benefits behind multibetting, a system of gambling, which has been the favourite of professional gamblers for decades.

As you can see, this powerful program will allow you to enter the desired profit you want from your selected favourite and a lower profit against the "danger" horses. You may wish to bring the Total Stake down to the lowest possible level by entering a NIL profit against the "danger" horses and if your favourite loses to one of them, at least you will get your Total Stake money returned.

The combinations are endless - just play around with the settings until a favourable "structured bet" is achieved

Dutch Your Bets will put you in control of each of your 'Dutching' adventures, allowing you to reap the benefits of this method of gambling with astonishing results. Professional gamblers have known for decades that this form of gambling is the most profitable but up until now they have lacked the technology to provide the versatility required to take full advantage.

Dutch Your Bets will provide you with a "sound" technique. It is a mathematically logical way of gambling - try it!

Don't be a mug punter, be a disciplined 'Dutching' punter and reap your rewards. Don't lose sight of the fact that your Bookmaker is gambling too. He uses betting odds to generate his profit. This is where Dutch Your Bets comes into its own, allowing you to use betting odds to YOUR ADVANTAGE, to get the results YOU want by betting more like a Bookmaker.

pipped at the post

How often have you backed what is considered the favourite to win, only to have it pipped at the post by another horse you nearly backed? Dutch Your Bets will allow you to to structure your bets with the possibility of backing up to ten horses in a single race. There is no better feeling, when watching a race, seeing two, three or more horses racing to the finishing post, and you don't really care which one of them wins, because you have them ALL covered. Such is the power of Dutch Your Bets to make your betting that much more profitable.

Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran of gambling, Dutch Your Bets will enlighten you to a form of betting that will prove more profitable over the long term by MAXIMISING your chances whilst MINIMISING your risks, to generate regular sustainable profits.


Stop Losing and Start Winning.

Dutch Your Bets is the solution to the age-old question: How do I win at the horses! By combining the most powerful of betting techniques, placing the odds firmly in your favour, Dutch Your Bets will transform the way you make money.

Start Winning Now!

See for yourself just how very easy this software is to use, and how the applied concept of Dutch Betting can transform the way you bet by providing more winners and better profits in the long-term.

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