A system that will automatically forecast UK Mainland and Irish races with suitable system criteria.

NO Monthly/Annual subscriptions to pay - For a one-off payment Adjuster forecasting software will be yours to keep and use whenever you wish.

One Activation Allowed per Purchase.

What Does It Do?

Adjuster selects UK Mainland and Irish races where horses meet the criteria for our system and lists those races ready for you to prepare forecasts.

How Can It Benefit Me?

The system we use is selective which means that you will NOT be presented with races which do not meet the criteria for our system.

No more pawing over race cards or using expensive tipsters.

There is no data input required....The races you select will be forecast automatically.

It has been said that there is no such thing as a bad betting system. A good system will produce overall profits by forecasting consistant winners. However, a bad system which consistently produced losers will eventually tell us which horses not to back.

No one is saying that a punter's task is an easy one. Most systems, for one reason or another, go through cycles and it is a punter's difficult task to decide when to use a particular system and when to give it a rest.

Too many people will write off a system in a month or even worse after a week and sometimes even the first day. We advise you DO NOT EVER do this. You will never get to settle down with a system and use it to make constant profit. Even the best profitable system can sometimes lose, and if you, by bad luck, take that bad ride, you may miss a great tool. If you continue to change systems, you might jump into a system while it's on a small losing run and then that exact factor makes you think that the system is not profitable!

Most systems use core data provided by the past performances of horses. This past data is then used to measure the possible strengths and weaknesses of horses in a current day's race. This is all a system can do for us. A system, in itself, cannot go to the paddock for us to determine the 'condition' of a horse on a particular day.

Within the simplicity of the criteria used we have built-in a number of adjustments which we believe are crucial to the final forecast.

You Are Not The One Who Has To Work Hard......Our Adjuster software will do the data analysis for you.
All of the difficult stuff is done behind the scenes.

Immediate Download
PC Compatible
Minimum Operating System Required:
Windows 7 (sp1)
Broadband Connection

One Activation Allowed per Purchase.
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